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Can the Browns Keep Winning?

Jordan Cameron is a big time playmaker for the Brownies For the sake of fairness and also full disclosure, before the season began I pegged the Browns for 7 wins.  I thought they would run the ball more effectively in Trent Richardson’s second season, while also playing stout defense.  After the first 2 weeks, it wasn’t looking like a very smart prediction.  However, they currently sit at 2-2 and got here in…


NL Wild Card Preview

All-Stars Andrew McCutchen and Joey Votto look to slug it out tonight. Pirates will host the Reds tonight in a one game Wild Card game. It will be the fantastic free agent pick-up Francisco Liriano against Johnny Cueto. Liriano has returned to ace form this year with the Pirates. He posted a 16-8 record and low 3.02 ERA in this years campaign. There is no question why he should be on the mound for the biggest game in Pirates…


Tough Love Sports…

This is a new Sports talk website that is for the true die hard fans. We aren’t like every other site or blog we are in your face and tell it like it is. We offer sports information, news, and opinions on all sports. We will be giving you guys exactly what you want through blogs, podcasts, and Imags if you decide to sign-up for them. With constant updates you…