This is a new Sports talk website that is for the true die-hard fans. We aren’t like every other site or blog, we are in your face and tell it like it is. We offer sports information, news, and opinions on all sports. We will be giving you guys exactly what you want through blogs, podcasts, and I-Mags if you decide to sign-up for them. We will have constant updates, you will never go without your sports fix.  We eat, breathe, and sleep sports; if you do too then this site is exactly what you want. You can also get updates from our twitter account @toughlovesports and our fan page on Facebook.

Now a little about who will be giving you this great sports talk:

George Kenny: I graduated from St. John’s University in May 2012. I graduated with a Sports Management major and Business minor. I’ve worked in college sports departments like Hofstra and Stony Brook as well as working in tennis tournaments, like the Atlanta BB&T and the Us Open(twice). I also was a part-time sports writer for IBN Sports Wrap. There is nothing more than I enjoy doing more than talking about sports and letting people know what I think. Of course I have my teams and might get a little bias when it comes to them but that’s just natural talking about sports. I’m from New York so my teams are the Mets, Jets, Knicks, Islanders, and of course my Johnnies!!!! I am also probably the biggest Notre Dame fan in the world so if you comment on them beware of the response. For any of you European football fans I support Chelsea. I think that covers me pretty much so thanks for reading/listening to us and enjoy!!

Sean Barnet: I Lived in New York for the first 15 years of my life, been living in Ohio since 2006.  I attended the University of Mount Union, D3 football powerhouse, where i played baseball.  I have a long history of sports heartbreak (see: Mets, Jets, Knicks, Islanders and Notre Dame). I’m a movie buff and like playing my Xbox, but sports is my main area of expertise. At TLS, no topic is off-limits and you’ll get our real opinions.  I’m looking forward to entertaining you guys and hopefully hear back from you as well.


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