Game of Thrones Season 5 (Part 1)

We are getting closer and closer to the start of season 7, but for right now we will give you a recap of season 5 episodes 1-5. It’s been a crazy ride so far but it’s about to get even crazier.

Episode 1- “The Wars to Come”

The season begins with a flashback of Cersei when she was younger. Cersei and her friend or servant not really sure what she is wonders down to a witches hut. Cersei demands the witch to tell her what her future is. The witch goes on by telling her that she will be Queen with 3 children, but none of those 3 children will be from her husband. The witch also told Cersei that all her 3 children will die, and then does some crazy witch laugh, really frightening stuff. Then we go back to the present where Tywin is buried and Cersei blames Jamie for their father’s death because he let Tyrion loose. Cersei also meets Lancel Lannister again, but this time as a religious nut bag. They call themselves “Sparrows”.

Tyrion and Varys are now in Pentos after their long journey from Kings Landing. Varys is trying to convince Tyrion to back Daenerys’ claim to the Iron Throne. At first Tyrion isn’t interested in listening and just wants to drink himself away, but eventually Tyrion agrees to go to Meereen to meet the Mother of Dragons.

We get to meet the “Sons of the Harpy” for the first time in Meereen. They are paid murders by the once slave masters to make chaos for Daenerys. Daenerys also checks on her locked up dragons,, who have gotten a lot bigger, and they aren’t in the best mode to see their Mother who locked them away.

Stannis and his army are still at the Wall, and planning on taking The North and Winterfell. Stannis purposes and idea to use the wildlings as part of his army and give them land to live on after. Jon tries to convince Mance to bend the knee and join Stannis, but he declines and Stannis orders him to burn. While Mance is burning alive, Jon kills him with an arrow to show mercy to the fellow wildlings.

Episode 2- “The House of the Black and White”

Arya finally arrives at Braavos and after a few days is accepted into the “House of Black and White”. She is greeted by her old friend and a girl that is no-one.

Cersei gets a threating message from Dorn, which is a Viper with Cersei’s daughter’s (Myrcella) necklace in the fangs. Myrcella was promised to the Prince of Dorn’s son, but after the Mountain brutally killed Oberyn tensions are high between the two families.

Then we get back to the adventures with Brienne and Podrick at another inn, but this time they bump into Lord Baelish (Littlefinger) and Sansa. Lady Brienne once again tries to convince Sansa to come with her and that she will protect her, but yet again another Stark Lady refuses her services. Lord Baelish askes Breinne and Pod to stay, but they know it’s a trap and escape. They then secretly follow them because Brienne knows Sansa is not safe as long as Lord Baelish is with her.

Back at the Wall Stannis give Jon Snow an opportunity to become the Lord of Winterfell (which means he gets the Stark name) if he fights with against the Boltons. Jon decides that he made a vow to the Night’s Watch and can’t break it. He ends up being named the new Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch. This puts a divide on the Night’s Watch because some don’t trust him and his relations with the wildlings.

Episode 3- “High Sparrow”

Both Margaery and Cersei try to manipulate King Tommen in what they think is best for him, but in reality it’s what is best for them. Margaery kicks off the mind games with trying to convince Tommen to send his mother back to Casterly Rock.

Lord Baelish takes Sansa back home to Winterfell to marry Ramsey Bolton. Baelish does this behind Cersei’s back, but he now is strengthening his hold in the North with a true Stark back in the North. Baelish does convince Sansa to marry Ramsey even though they brutally murdered her brother and mother. He did have a good selling point in that she can be patience and get her revenge when the time is right. The big problem here is that neither of them knows what a monster Ramsey is.

Ayra is training to be no one and be part of the House of Black and White, so she throws away all her personal items except one. She just couldn’t let “Needle” go, the sword her brother Rob made for her. She ends up hiding “Needle in some rocks by the water.

Lancel and a few other Sparrows find the High Septon in a brothel which is a big no-no, and they beat him and make him return home by walking the entire way nude. The High Septon complains about this behavior to Cersei and she is having none of it and puts him in a cell. Cersei then finds the High Sparrow aka the leader of the religious nut bags, to thank him for what they did to the High Septon. This meeting sets off a few ideas for Cersei that come a little later.

Tyrion and Varys go to a brothel in Volantis, which Varys tries to avoid since Tyrion is a wanted man and very valuable if caught, but Tyrion gets his way and they go anyway. In the end, Tyrion gets loaded and goes to take a piss and long lost Jorah Mormont captures him.

Episode 4- “Sons of the Harpy”

Cersei gives the Sparrows power and weapons and tell them the Loras the Prince of Roses bangs dudes. They arrest him and his sister Queen Margaery is infuriated and demands Tommen to get him free. King Tommen too much of a softie and does nothing.

Littlefinger is headed back to Kings Landing because he was requested to by Cersei. Before leaving he tells Sansa that Stannis will save her from the Boltons and everything will be fine. He also says if Stannis fails he will comeback himself and get her back.

Jamie and Bronn get to Dorn and try to blend in my killing 4 Dornish soldiers and taking their clothes as disguises. Ellaria, Oberyn’s wife is leading the Sand Snakes and hears Jamie is inn Dorn to take Myrcella back to Kings Landing. She decides to capture her first before Jamie gets to her.

In Meereen the once masters want the fighting pit back opened, but the Mother of Dragons is having none of it and declines harshly. After that the Sons of the Harpy ambush the unsullied including their leader Greyworm. They kill all of them and Greyworm is surrounded and hurt badly. Selmy comes to the rescue but in doing so does in battle, which is not cool.

Episode 5- “Kill the Boy”

Brienne and Pod get to an inn close to Winterfell and try to get a message to Sansa letting her know help is here if she wants it. All she has to do is light a candle at the highest tower and they will come get her. Actaully in Winterfell Sansa finds out about Reek aka Theon. Ramsey makes Reek apologize to Sansa on how he betrayed her brother and supposedly killer her little brothers.

Stannis leaves the Wall with his army, wife and daughter. Jon take a few men along with the captured wildlings to go to Hardhome to make an alliance with the rest of the wildlings. Which doesn’t go over well with anlot of the Night’s Watch.

After the death of Selmy, Daenerys feed a nobleman master to her dragons while arresting their others. She just showed them a taste on what the Mother of Dragons can do and once again these dumb fuckers test her later in the season.

Tyrion and Jorah are at sea headed to Meereen and they are attacked by….STONEMEN!!!! In the end they fight them off but Jorah gets touched by a stone man and is effected by greyscale, a disease you don’t want.

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