One Jackson Out, Another Jackson In?

The New York Knicks and Phil Jackson inked a deal in 2014 to become the President of the organization. At the time, it seemed like the right move for the Knicks. They get the genius they call Phil Jackson and he gets to create a dynasty with the Knicks. It was a perfect match, right? I mean Phil has won 11 titles between the Lakers and Bulls. He was one of the best coaches and the Knicks landed him as their President they needed to bring a title to New York. Well 3 years later, it was a fucking terrible idea and ended up setting the Knicks up for a foggy future.

Honestly, this is the best news Knicks fans have gotten since the 2015 draft. Phil didn’t do much, but he did help the team by drafting and signing franchise player, Kristaps Porzingis. He took a risk and got him with the 4th overall in the 2015 draft. Everyone hated the pick and told him he was crazy. For once as the Knicks President, he seemed to make the right choice. Porzingod is a problem and will only get better with time and soon be a bigger threat around the NBA. We also found a talent in Hernangomez, who is slowly becoming the partner in crime for Pozingis. But besides that, he has done nothing but push Melo out the door, losing seasons, and set a franchise worst record. He had to go and I think Phil knew that as well.

Now that the Knicks have parted ways with a deadly cancer, the focus seems to be building on what we already have. Ricky Rubio seems to be a great fit with the Knicks and their offense, which clearly revolves around Porzingis and Melo. If they add a great passing player in Rubio but also a teacher for the newly drafted Frank Ntilikina, it would seem like a match made in Heaven. A lot of sources are also saying that Jeff Teague is a front-runner for the Knicks to sign, who would never have been a target under Phil and the triangle offense. It seems like the main free agent focus is on adding another point guard to groom Frank the Tank. The big question this offseason though, will be what’s happening with Melo.

I believe they will just ride out with him and take one last chance to see if he can win in New York. Not a lot of teams are lining up for Melo’s services and even if they did Melo can block any trade because of the no-trade clause fantastic Phil gave him. The two team right now that seem like trading partners are the Cavs and Rockets. The problem is both teams don’t have a ton of young assets to trade with, some sort of 3-way trade would have to go down. Those type of trades are hard to pull off, and I know from experience from NBA 2K17, they’re almost impossible.

Another big question will be who is filling in Phil’s role as President? Many are saying Isaiah Thomas might be making his way back to the NBA (PLEASE NO!!!!!). I would love to see Marc Jackson in New York with the Knicks whether he would be the coach or the President. Mark Jackson was a succesfull coach with he Warriors right before they became the best team ever, he played for St. Johns in Queens, and also for the Knicks, so he is NY through and through. You know he wants another shoot at coaching or in an organization after the whole Warriors thing, so why not in New York where he belongs? Ideally, Hornacek would stay as coach and Marc Jackson as President but with Dolan still making the calls who knows what will happen.


By; Eric

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