2017 NBA Mock Draft

It’s draft day and I couldn’t be more excited. I have literally never been more excited for a NBA draft than this one. There has already been a few trades, and the rumors are out of control. Right on the trading blocks is Paul George, Jimmy Butler, Kristaps Porzingis, and DeAndre Jordan. Now that’s a fucking list of names! With the draft only hours away I’m sure you will hear rumor after rumor about these guys, so stay alert. Now lets get to the actual draft and how I see it going tonight;

1. Sixers (via Celtics)- Markelle Fultz, G, Washington-

The Sixers pulled the trigger and moved up from 3 to 1, and included a future 1st rounder as well. The Sixers have already come out and said they will draft Fultz, so no surprise here. Fultz is without a doubt the best talent in this year’s draft and has tons of upside. Fultz is a little different in that he can play both guard spots and will be completely fine at the next level. He’s also the best pure player in this draft no matter what anyway says. He is a 3 tier scorer, in that he can score from three, mid-range, and get to the rim. He is listed at 6-4, 195 pounds which is ideal for the new NBA’s point guard; but don’t tell Isaiah Thomas I said that. In his only year at school he averaged 23.2 points per game, 5.7 rebounds, and 5.9 assists, and that was on a dreadful Washington team. Fultz has a real shot at being the next new young budding superstar in the NBA.

2. Lakers-Lonzo Ball, PG, UCLA-

I mean come on, this has to happen right? They already traded Mr. Steal your Phone in D’Angelo Russel which opens up the ball handling duties. Lonzo is the next step of the master plan of Magic Johnson, and the next step is add Paul George and then LeBron James. Everyone knowns the story of the Ball family, and if you don’t then you must have been living under a rock these last few months. Love him or hate him he is another guy that has a chance to be stud at the next level. Ball is an excellent passer and may be an all-around better true point guard than Fultz, but strictly a point guard. Ball’s passing ability is where he really shines and seems like he would fit in nicely at the next level. He is also 6-6 so finishing at the rim isn’t a problem as well. With all that being said, there are a few more questions surrounding him than Fultz. The first one is clearly his jumper. He has a very weird release, which looks like it should get blocked a lot more, but he finds a way. It also helps that he is 6-6 so he shot over a lot of smaller college guards, but there is one that he couldn’t shake which brings me to number 2. In the biggest game of the year last year against Kentucky in the tournament, it looked like the lights got too bright, and De’Aaron Fox put Ball in a body bag. It looked like Fox just wanted it more, and Ball was almost scared to bring the ball up. It was just one game, but it is a bit alarming when another top NBA prospect beats your ass up and down the floor for 40 minutes. Last but not least is his Dad. He hasn’t made many friends already especially guys Lonzo will be competing against at the next level. When Ball gets in a NBA game you know some will go right at him and test if the young man is ready for this.

3. Celtics- Jayson Tatum, SF, Duke-

This pick will definitely be in a ton of trade rumors, especially with the Bulls and Butler. If they do stay pat, Tatum seems like there guy. Josh Jackson could be the pick but he hasn’t worked out for the Celtics unless they promise to pick him. Also Jackson is very similar to Jaylon Brown who Boston took last year. In the beginning of the season Tatum really wasn’t as big of an impact that Duke fans thought he would be. Yea sure, he had a few good games mixed in there but that Duke team was fueled by Kennard and Allen. Then starting in the ACC tournament, this Duke team became Tatum’s team. He was their go to man and he shined. Tatum’s success didn’t stop in the ACC tourney, and it went into the big dance as well. Tatum was almost unstoppable as he was drilling three’s, posting up, and driving to the lane. He looked like a young Melo to be honest, just missing a little baby fat, and the cornrows. Like Melo, he isn’t the super athlete like Jackson is, but he gets away with it with his height. Also, like Melo, he loves to settle for tougher jumpers which could be an issue at the next level. It didn’t seem to affect Melo, but he also is a super-star. Now Tatum definitely can hit that level, and should watch a lot of Melo in the post because that is where I can see Tatum really being a mismatch for guys. Also he needs to work on his quickness. His first step is a bit slow for a guy in the post, but he can be a killer with a pump fake and quick step through to the rim.

4. Suns- Josh Jackson, SF, Kansas-

The Suns seem to be building a good squad on Phenoix. Jackson would now go along with Devin Booker, Dragon Bender, and Marquiess Chriss. That looks to be a nice core they are building. Jackson is a freak athlete with a sweet afro, so top 3 material already just based off that. He is also a plus defender, and at KU he pretty much covered all five positions. Of course he won’t be able to do that at the next level, but you can’t rule out him defending at least three of them. He also is a fierce competitor like De’Araon Fox. He loves to compete and wants to win as badly as anyone. Those two traits right there give Jackson a higher floor than most in this draft. Even if doesn’t come in and light the world on the offensive side of the ball, he will at least bring his lunch pail and play defense and give energy night in and night out. Right now Jackson is a streaky scorer, and to hit his potential he needs to be able to more consistent. He is a better slasher than shooter, but has shown glimpses of being a good outside shooter. Like so many guys that are coming into the draft they need to find their jumper. The other big negative with Jackson is the off the court issues. He has had a couple of incidents while at KU which led to a suspension, so NBA general managers will make sure they do their due diligence on that. He is a very talented young man that seems to love to play and play hard, as long as he stays out of trouble off the court he will be solid player with the upside of perennial all-star.

5. Kings- De’Aron Fox, PG, Kentucky-

Fox has been flying up boards since his tournament run with UK. He has been as high as 3 and some think he should go ahead of Lonzo, who “he ate his ass up twice” according to Fox’s Dad. This pick will give the Kings a backcourt they build around in Hield and Fox. I am a big big Fox fan, and have been since his high school mixtape, which reminded me of John Wall. Fox has game changing speed, and loves to push the ball. He is a good passer and loves to throw the lob to his big men. He is also super competitive as you saw when he went at Lonzo Ball like he was nothing. He is listed at 6-4 which is what teams are looking for at the point guard position, but he is a string bean. This is another reason I like him so much because I am too, so we skinny boys have to stick together. It wouldn’t be as much as a problem if he could shoot, but he can’t right now. This is his biggest weakness that will be sniffed out immediately in the NBA, so he must put the work in. I mean he did hit 10 three’s in a high school game once so it can’t be too hard to fix. Hey, John Wall still isn’t a great shooter, but he has made it work, so Fox should definitely be taking notes on the ex-Wildcat.

6. Magic- Dennis Smith Jr., PG , NC State-

I have no idea what the Magic are doing with their roster, it’s a real cluster fuck. They have 2 big guys, which is basically a non-exsistant threat in today’s NBA, and a PG that can’t shoot, plus much more badness. Malik Monk is definitely in range here, but they did just pay Evan Fourier a boat-load of money so drafting another SG doesn’t make sense, but would definitely add to the cluster fuck. Dennis Smith Jr is an option as well with Payton not being the future at the PG position. He has an explosive first step to beat his man, and then when he gets to the rim, watch out its show time.  He is the smallest out of the elite point guards in this draft at 6-2 (still very solid), but is just as explosive at the rim. He is a good passer as well, which you need at the point guard position, but let’s get to the negatives. At some games for NC State he was a no-show. For a kid with his talent he should not be taking games off. Yes, his team wasn’t very good and it’s hard to be the best player every night, but it seemed like he just tuned out for games. He also isn’t a very consistent shooter, which of course like so many guys has to change. If the work ethic is there, then he should be able to get his jumper right, but that’s the big question right now. There is some buzz that Smith was playing with a banged up knee which could explain some off nights, but we will see soon enough what he brings night after night.

7. Timberwolves- Lauri Markkanen, PF, Arizona-

This pick makes way tooooo much sense. They are looking to move Rubio to get Kris Dunn more looks, and also might be in on D-Rose, so no need for a PG. That will allow Zach Lavine to move to the 2 guard spot where he belongs. They have Wiggins and Towns secured at the SF and Center spots so just missing that stretch 4. Well looky looky what we got here a big Fin that can step out and space the floor. The big problem here is that he isn’t good on defense, and heap coach Tommy Thibs will have his work cut out for him. Markkanen’s game translates very well to the next level with his height and ability to step out and shoot. He is a perfect stretch 4 in the NBA, and with being 7 foot he will be able to play some center. Along with his outside shoot, Markkanen’s inside game is very good as well. He likes to face up more than back down which makes sense because he needs to add more strength. That is the big question with Markkanen, is that he needs to get stronger. He was pushed around in the NCAA tournament against Xavier; which wasn’t a good look for him. Markkanen also seems to disappear at times, so he needs to be more consistent, but there were times where he was unstoppable at times. The big Fin has all the tools to play at the next level and at a high level. He definitely needs to add strength, but he could be a poor man’s Kristaps Porzingis, which is not a bad thing.

8. Knicks- Malik Monk, SG, Kentucky-

I might not be a fan of the Knicks anymore by the time you read this because they traded KP, but I would love this pick. Monk with KP gives them a ton of 3 point ability and if they add a guy like Rubio as well they might finally be headed in the right direction. So yea they won’t draft Monk or trade for Rubio, and definitely trade KP and get this franchise even more irrelevant. Malik Monk has that clutch gene that you must have to be a star at the next level. Yes, the clutch gene is something I believe in. Some of you will think I’m crazy but it’s totally a thing. Monk wants the ball in his hands at the end of the game, and when he does he has all the confidence in the world he will bury it. He did it a couple of times at UK, especially the one against UNC during the tournament. It’s like what Jimmy McGinty says in the movie The Replacements, “Winners always want the ball… when the game is on the line.” Well Monk does, and I love it. He is a great shooter especially from range with a ton of athleticism. He is only listed at 6-3, 6-4 so length could be a bit of a problem at the next level because he is definitely a shooting guard at the next level. He also doesn’t have to seem to have that floor general mentality which is fine; he can still fit the SG spot at the next level because of his jumper. The bigger problem is that during his one year at UK he disappeared in games. Now, that just could be because Kentucky has a roster of 5-stars so it might be hard to dominate the ball through the whole year. He also isn’t a good defender (so perfect for the Knicks), which he will need to find a bit more in the NBA because as a 6-3 SG will have to cover some players at 6-6 or bigger. No matter how well he shoots he could be a liability on the other side of the ball which could become a huge problem. Yes, there is some risk with Monk with the height and defense, but a kid that can shoot like him has some Devin Booker feel to him. That is probably Monk’s ceiling with a floor of a bench player that can fill it up some nights.

9. Mavericks- Frank Ntilikina, PG, France-

This pick is a sure thing! Place the bets now this did so happening. Dallas has already hired Frank the tank’s old coach for the Summer League.I’m usually not a big fan of the French, but this guy is the exception. Once again we have a point guard with great height at 6-5 and very explosive. He also has a wingspan of a freaking Bald Eagle (7FT). He a true pass first point guard, and always looks for his teammates and the better shot. He loves to run the floor and get out on the break, which complements his passing game so well. The big question goes along with Fox and Smith with he needs to be a more consistent shooter. Like Ball, he has a bit of an awkward release. He will need to figure that part of his game out for him to hit his ridiculously high ceiling. He also needs to be more of a leader as the floor general. He needs to take more control of games because he has the ability to do it. He almost has that shy mentality, like when the Greek Freak came into the league. Finally this year the Greek Freak got that chip on his shoulder and went at people, especially when he went after LeBron again and again, and it was glorious.

10. Kings- Jonathan Isaac, F, FSU-

The Kings will find a way to fuck this up, but boy if they can pull of Fox and Isaac to go along with Hield!!! This man right here burst onto the scene this year. He has the length and height that NBA teams are looking for at the SF position, or possible even as a stretch four. He is listed at 6-10 and about 210 pounds. The problem will be his weight at the next level. His body type has a lot of Durnat in him, so Isaac needs to build more strength for the NBA. Isaac is so intriguing because he has the chance to have the highest ceiling in this class, but the floor is kind of unknown which is the issue. He has the ability to score at all three levels, needs to be more consistent from deep, but he’s still solid already. He has also shown glimpses of being a plus defender that can guard 4 positions, but like his shooting his defensive effort and motor needs to be more consistent. Isaac seems like this year’s biggest risk/reward type of player that some team will be taking the gamble on because the talent is there, they just have to develop him the right way.

11. Hornets-Donovan Mitchell, SG, L’Ville-

After the 10th pick this is where things get a bit tricky. The Hornets just acquired Dwight Howard from the Hawks so Center should be covered. They have Kemba and Batum in the backcourt so they are covered there. So we are looking for a SF or strech 4 for the Hornets. This could definitely be a trade down because I don’t know if anyone in this range really fits a need but when the hell has MJ cared about needs in a draft? Mitchell is a guy that will bring defense and get to the rim. He seems like a guy that can come off the bench for them and give them a spark. Another guy I am a big fan of is Mitchell. Mitchell is a very good defender with a good mid-range game and getting to the rim. The big issue with Mitchell is the 3 point shoot. He isn’t very consistent with hitting the long range jumper which is a must at the next level. You put that with him only being around 6-2 could be tricky. At least Monk can shoot the lights out of the ball, but a 6-2 non 3 point shooter is tough to see at the next level. He needs to improve on his jumper so he can become that 3 and D type of player that all teams need. I do love Mitchell because he is a big time player in big games, but he needs to be more consistent on the offensive side of the ball to hit his potential.

12. Pistons-DJ Wilson, PF, Michigan-

I am going a little rogue here, but that’s why it’s my Mock because I can do whatever the hell I want. Wilson went to school at UM so close to Detroit and fits what they are looking for. He can stretch the floor at the 4 and is also very good in the pick and roll/pop game. This will give Reggie Jackson another weapon and also help space the floor for Drummond on the block. Wilson might be a big reach here but I like his game and so should Detroit.

13. Nuggets-Zack Collins, Center, Gonzaga-

Collins is mystery box still but definitely has shown the talent. He is more a center at the next level but with his good quckiness can definitely be a 4 as well. Collins is far and beyond the best center in this class. He is listed at 6-11 and at 230 pounds, so he has a good measurable for the center position. He is very solid defensively and a very good rebounder. He is really quick and fast for his size which makes him so good on defense. Then on the offensive side he is very versatile which makes him so appealing. He has a solid post-game, but also is good in the face-up game. Collins has a good mid-range game and can step back even further and knock down three’s. He loves to play ball and it shows on the court. He wants to be out there every night and will bring it every night with being as competitive as he is. This guy sounds perfect right? Well, as a freshman he only played 17.3 minutes per game for Gonzaga, so he doesn’t have a lot of court time under his belt for a guy that can go in the lottery. There is some unknown with Collins but the glimpses we saw of him at Gonzaga were really really good.

14. Heat- Harry Giles, PF, Duke-

The Heat don’t have a lot on their roster and adding a guy with Giles’ ceiling could end up being a huge steal. There is a ton of risk here but at this point with how their roster is they might as well go for it. I’m not sure why Giles isn’t starring in Dos Equis commercials because Giles is the most interesting man, well at least in this draft. The former #1 overall high school in the country had a ton of hype on him even with his multiple knee surgeries, but wasn’t more than a role player for Duke in his only year there. Before his knee surgeries he was a prototypical power forward for the NBA. He was big, fast, athletic, and had a mid-range game. Scouts were making him out to be the next HUGE superstar in the NBA, but obviously his knees failed him. He did have some glimpses at Duke where you can see him getting some spring back, but again will an NBA draft off glimpses and what he used to be, even with those knee surgeries? It’s really hard to tell at this point because this pick could go a few ways. 1.) He gets back to form and becomes a starter in the NBA for a long time. 2.) He shows glimpses of what he could be and at the very least becomes a good role player. 3.) He flames out early or gets hurt again. I am really hoping for #1 in Giles case, because no one wants to see such talent wasted because of injuries (Greg Oden). A team will take a chance on him and take the gamble but how high will that really be?

15. Trailblazers- John Collins, Wake Forrest-

Portland has 3 first round picks and they will definitely be moving at least one so don’t be surprised if this isn’t their pick in the end. John Collins is balling in the wrong generation. The NBA now is shoot’em up at will, and guard play. The big man game is lost in today’s NBA, just look at Jahlil Okafor. Collins is a poor man’s version of Okafor, in that he is solely a low post player. The good thing for Collins is that the one trick he can do, he does at an elite level. This kid played for a crap Demon Deacons team in the ACC and was amazing. He is a great back to the basket player that has no outside or midrange game. He sits his bottom on that post and says feed me the rock. He is a very good rebounder, but a poor defender. Since his game is a lost art in the NBA now days, he will fall bit. That just means he becomes a great value pick for some other team. Why can’t he come off the bench for a team; dominate on the boards and give the offense a spark for spurts in a game? Also with a lot of these NBA teams going small he becomes a mismatch on the floor good and bad. Collins wasn’t great on defense anyways so that a wash, but offensively he can cause a lot of problems for smaller defenders. Of course he still needs to work on at least his mid-range game to stay relevant in this game or just pray every night that the NBA goes back to a bigs man game.

16. Bulls-Justin Jackson-SF, UNC-

We have no ideas if Butler will part of the Bulls, but even if he is Jackson would be a good fit. Eventually the Bulls need to rebuild with guys like Bobby Portis, Denzel Valentine, Jerian Grant, and why not add Jackson to that list of very productive college players. Justin won’t be the sexy pick for any team, but he should be a pretty safe bet in this draft. All around he is a solid basketball player that has a chance to be a solid role player at the next level. He has the length and ability to do it; I just don’t know how much upside he will bring down the road. He was a solid contributer for 2 years for UNC, which led to back to back title appearances and one title. He is a proven winner with a great head on his shoulders. Yea sure, all-star games might not be in his future, but I can see a 6th man award in there somewhere. The guy just comes to play, and usually plays big in the big games. He did improve his jumper last year which is a great sign that he has been putting in the work and should continue to do so. I like Jackson a lot as a really solid player that is a glue guy for a winning team…aka the Spurs.

17. Bucks-TJ Leaf, PF, UCLA-

The Bucks took a huge step fowards this past year, mostly because the Greek Freak showed that he is the next big superstar in this league. They are very long and athletic, but have trouble shooting besides Kris Middleton. Adding Leaf will help them here and is still very young to grow with this young Bucks team. Another intriguing guy is TJ Leaf because he was overshadowed at UCLA by Lonzo Ball, which is understandable. But don’t get it twisted this kid can play. He will only be 19 years and has a ton of upside. Like the guy that is ranked #1 on this list, he has the prefect stretch 4 type of game for the next level. He is very versatile on the offensive of the ball with a great inside-outside game. He also is a very good rebounder and plays within himself. He needs some more polishing on his offensive game to really become great, but the biggest question mark is his strength and his defense. They kind of play into one each other in that he gets pushed around down low, and will need to add strength. The good thing is that he is only 19 and seems to have a solid foundation in place.

18. Pacers- Luke Kennard, SG, Duke-

The Pacers are most likely will find a trading spot for Paul George, but management isn’t going to do a full rebuild they never will. Grabbing a guy like Luke makes sense because he seems like he is a plug and play type of player. This may be a surprise to some people but this kid can play. I didn’t watch a lot of Duke the last few years, so I just assumed Kennard was a one trick pony but he wasn’t. Mark Titus of The Ringer explained this in his draft breakdown during the week. He was a joy to watch at Duke when I finally paid attention to his game, but the main reason why he is above the others on this list, is because he has one elite skill that NBA teams worship. He can shoot the three at a very high rate, and he may be a specialist in the NBA, which is totally fine because so many teams are looking for players like Kennard. He has typical SG size at 6-6 and decent athleticism, but decent athleticism will be tough to cover some of these freaks in the NBA. But having a guy that is deadly from deep off the bench and can give your team a spark is very valuable at the next level.

19. Hawks- Jarrett Allen, C, Texas-

The Hawks just shipped DW12 out of town so why not replace? Jarrett Allen has elite size and length for a center at the next level. He is listed at 6-11 with a 7-5 wingspan. He was a great rebounder at UT where he averaged 8.4 rebounds per game. He isn’t the best rim protector but not the worst, but with his length he can cause all type of problems at the rim. He has a very good jumper and soft touch which gives him some edge over these other guys. His post-game needs a lot of work because is a little slow in the paint. He also brings the ball down way too much for such a big guy, which leads to more steals for the little guys. He needs to just go straight up, which is weird to still be learning because every coach has probably been telling him that since he first started. He has a lot of potential on the offensive side of the ball with his jumper, but to be the real deal he needs to be more versatile in his game.

20. Trailblazers- OG Anunoby, SF, Indiana-

Again this pick might not be their at the end of the night but if it is a versatile player like OG, who can doesn’t need to light up the scoreboard to contribute to this team with the backcourt they have.  He is listed at 6-7 with a wingspan of a bald eagle at around 7-2, which is nuts. He’s also 235 pounds and honestly looks like a mini mac truck, with tree trunks for legs. That also means that he should be able to cover a few positions defensively. That is where OG will make his money right away in the league, as a top-notch defender, until he finds his game at the other end. He is a very strong finisher at the rim and is true slasher at the next level. Once again, like so many others, he needs to work on his shot but a lot more in his case than the others. His shot and the offensive deficiencies make me feel OG will be working all this out in the D-League, which is not a bad thing. OG has the measurables to be a future player in this league, but right now he nothing more than a defensive stopper with a few highlight reel dunks. Again that is solid player at the next level but those types of players seem to have a shorter expiration date than others.

21. Thunder-Terrance Ferguson, SG, Australia-

The Thunder need to help Brodie even though he doesn’t like to share the ball too much. That could be just because he doesn’t trust many guys. He definitely needs more help on the wings and Ferguson has tons of upside. Good old Turd Ferguson (SNL Skit) did the whole Brandon Jennings route to the NBA. Ferguson is a real wild card in this draft because he has tons of upside, but how long will it take to get him there? He wasn’t playing against other elite college players this year, so we can’t really compare his game to theirs. He is a big-time scoring threat that can score from deep and get to the rim. He is very long but lean like Fox at the point guard position. He needs to play better through contact and finish stronger at the rim. Even being so athletic at 6-7 he doesn’t love to use it and get to the rim and embarrass people. He definitely needs to get stronger, but in the meantime having a good jumper always helps. This kid has big-time potential with his prototypical NBA shooting guard height and length that can shoot. It’s not a bad start, but the unknown of his game against better competition is a big question mark.

22. Nets-Justin Patton, C, Creighton-

The Nets landed D’Angelo Russell and if they can land Patton as well they should be ecstatic. Patton is still very raw but he also tons of potential and at this point with the Nets not having a top pick next year as well they need to take some homerun swings. He will only be 20 years old when he will be drafted. This pick might be a D-League pick because of how raw he is, but it will only to really hone his skills. Patton is a 7-footer that can run up and down the floor and is very explosive. He does need to add some weight but this kid can play. He does get in some foul trouble but can be a good rim protector and rebounder. His offensive game reminds me of DeAnde Jordan with the alley oops combined with the defensive skills. The one big difference is that Patton has shown glimpses of an outside shot. Of course he needs to become more consistent with it but he needs to become more consistent with his whole game. Patton has a lot of work to do but if he hits then this is a jackpot pick.

23. Raptors- Semi Ojeleye, SF, SMU-

The Raptors are close but still seem so far away. This pick could be trade bait but if they stay, Semi makes sense with his versatility. He is built solidly at 6-7 and 235 pounds. He can also handle the ball very well which is a benefit especially on the break, which plays well to his game by getting to the rim at will and drawing fouls. He can also make spot-up or off the dribble 3-pointers or create his own shot in the half-court. This would be a solid pick for a guy that give this team a spark offensively off the bench.

24. Jazz-Derrick White, G, Colorado-

This Jazz roster is kind of up in the air at this point with the pending free agency of Gordon Hayward. With that being said either way the Jazz should draft a guard. White can fill it up and could play PG or SG at the next level.  At Colorado shot 51% from the field and 40% from 3, which translates very nicely in the NBA. He might not be the quickest guard but George Hill isn’t either which seems like a fitting comp for White. he can learn the ins and outs from Hill and hopefully one day carve out a career like Hill.

25. Magic-Tyler Lydon, F, Syracuse-

I try not to talk good about Cuse for the most part, but Lydon is pretty good (even though St. Johns put it on him and Cuse the last 3 years!). Lydon would fit pretty nicely into this Magic rotation with being 6-9 that can step out. He shoot 40% from 3 which would be a big upgrade for a team that lacks shooters. He also averaged 13.2 PPG, and 8.6 rebounds per game, so he isn’t afraid to mix it up. Defense and quckiness could be a problem for him at the next level, but if he could be a Ryan Anderson type (once a Magic player) then Orlando would be thrilled.

26. Trailblazers-Isaiah Hartenstein, PF/C, Germany-

This could be trade or stash pick for the Blazers. He is only 19 years old and has a wingspan of 7-2.25 which is solid for a big men. He has great touch for a big men his size and can also stretch the floor with his jumper. He needs to put more strength on to really make an impact at the next level with rebounds and his back down game. He isn’t very quick but he does get up and down the floor pretty well which is always a bonus for a big man.

27. Lakers-Bam Adebayo, C, Kentucky-

This pick might be a trade chip to get Paul George, but if the draft falls this way, Bam should be their guy. Bam is a lot like Patton in this class in that he has a lot DeAndre Jordan in his game. He finishes every lob in his vicinity, and is a great defender. The defense part is where he really shines though. He is great in the pick and roll which alone will make him decent money in the NBA. He is a good rim protector as well, but that may take away from his rebounds because with his size at UK he didn’t really kill it on the boards. Bam has a decent post-up game and doesn’t shy away from a 10-15 jumper which helps. At Kentucky he had some great games, but also disappeared at times too. Bam looks to be a poor man’s DeAndre Jordan, but with not that high of a ceiling as Justin Patton.

28. Lakers- Kyle Kuzma, PF, Utah-

At 6-9 Kuzma is very good in the transition game on both sides of the ball. he can also handle the rock if he gets the rebound and wants to push the tempo. He has good feet to maybe down the road become a good defender but he needs to put in the work. The same goes for his jumper, when he is on he is extremely dangerous. He needs to refine his game and be more consistent to make an impact but the talent is there.

29. Spurs- Ike Anigbogu, C, UCLA-

The young Bruin might be the youngest player in this class at the age of 18. He is very very raw but the tools seem to be there, and this could be a huge steal late in this draft. Ike is listed at 6-10 and a load at 250 pounds. He is very strong and quick even at that weight with his legs being tree trunks. He also has a motor that never quits which helps him on the boards. He doesn’t have any jumper so he will need to put a lot of work in on that, but for now he is a guy that will bring every night and rebound his ass off for you.

30. Jazz-Tony Bradley, C, UNC-

Bradley is very similar to Ike in that he is a good rebounder, he just does it in different ways. Bradley is listed at 6-10 and 248 pounds but not the best athlete you will ever see. In the limited minutes we saw of him at UNC he never really showed much of a jumper and his offense came more from alley oops and put-backs. He does still have a lot of upside like Ike with his frame because this type of frame are what NBA GM’s are looking for.
That does it for our NBA mock draft, I hope you enjoyed and make sure to check twitter during the draft because we will be active and drinking. There should be a ton of fireworks in this years draft, so sit back and enjoy the chaos we call the NBA draft.
By; George

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